Genealogy Club of Sun City

We meet each 2nd & 4th Monday of the month~Sun City, California


Mon. 3/8 10:00 AM GCSC Meeting at Provident Bank, Community Room

"Mapping Your Ancestor's Home"

Presented by David Armstrong and Anne J. Miller

Mon. 3/22 10:00 AM March Workshop at Sun City Library, Community Room
Mon. 3/7 10:00 AM Help With Genealogy

Lois Burton will be at the library to help anyone wanting help with their genealogy.

Mon. 3/14 1:00 PM GCSC Meeting

Program:  "Travel The World Just Like John, Roxanna's Story" A visual presentation by Linda R.F. Arnold

Mon. 3/21 9:00 AM Help with Genealogy

Lois Burton will be at the library to help anyone wanting help with their genealogy.

Mon. 3/28 10:00 AM Genealogy Workshop
Mon. 4/11 1:00 PM GCSC Meeting

GCSC's Jeanne Banks will be hosting the program:  “Do you have a U.S. president, a notable person or founding father in your family tree?”  Be prepared to tell a bit about the person and how you are related.

Mon. 4/25 1:00 PM Genealogy Workshop
Mon. 7/25 1:00 PM Last GCSC Workshop Until September [IMAGE] This will be a Casual Workshop You can come and work on your own, come and ask questions and ask for help. If you have a laptop computer bring it along and you will be able to access the internet from the Community Room. This will be t... more
Mon. 9/12 1:00 PM GCSC Meeting

This is our Annual Show 'N Tell Meeting as we begin the 2011/2012 Year. 

What have you been doing since we last met?  Or, what did you go over the summer?  Over the past year? 

Mon. 9/26 1:00 PM GSCC Workshop [IMAGE] Come to the Workshop to get some help with your genealogy research! We have members who just starting their genealogy research, as well as many members who have been researching for many years. We are always here to help anyone interested ... more
Mon. 11/14 1:00 PM GCSC Meeting

Sharley Reutter will be the Featured Speaker at the November Meeting. Her program is about the The Oregon Trail and the Segar Family.


Mon. 11/28 1:00 PM GCSC Workshop

A workshop of genealogy study is planned.

Mon. 12/12 1:00 PM GCSC Meeting - Christmas Luncheon

This will be our annual Christmas Luncheon. Further information will be added here.

Mon. 1/9 1:00 PM GCSC Meeting

Program to be announced.

Mon. 1/23 1:00 PM GCSC Workshop

Workshop of genealogy research.

Mon. 4/9 1:00 PM GCSC Meeting
Mon. 4/23 1:00 PM GCSC Workshop
Mon. 5/14 10:00 AM GCSC Meeting

GCSC Members will be voting for Officers for the coming year 2012/2013.

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